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Maurice Edu, Bryan de la Fuente depart LAFC training camp

Sounds like expansion team is moving on.

Philadelphia Union v Los Angeles Galaxy Photo by Jeff Golden/Getty Images

Los Angeles Football Club has done a nice job in their inaugural preseason camp sharing information of what’s happening, and on Tuesday night dropped a key nugget in their weekly updates from camp: Maurice Edu and Bryan de la Fuente have wrapped up their apparent trials with the team.

Actually, this is the exact wording from the team’s website:

Former Philadelphia Union midfielder Maurice Edu and former Shirak FC midfielder Bryan de la Fuente are no longer training with LAFC.

Edu’s appearance at LAFC’s first preseason game last week turned a lot of heads, and was in many respects a no-brainer for the expansion team, with a local native who had once been a dominant presence in American soccer getting a chance to show if he was fit enough to get back to playing again after missing the last two seasons.

It would appear it won’t work out, however, and there was always a good chance of that, either because he won’t be able to get back into sufficient shape to be a reliable pro, or perhaps because the money didn’t work out.

De la Fuente was present with LAFC from the first day of camp, and seeing him last through the first two weeks was a bit of a surprise. The Texas native had two stints in MLS already, and neither was remarkable, to be honest. But with a new team, you never know who will rise to the occasion and warrant a spot. It appears de la Fuente ultimately didn’t make the cut.

Of course, there is the caveat that LAFC could still opt to offer a contract to Edu or de la Fuente. As long as they are free agents, that’s always a possibility. But it would appear that based on the language used in the update from training camp that neither player is likely to sign for the team this season.

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