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Angels Links: Patrice Evra is heading back to the Premier League

Plus, Nigeria’s new gear is getting rave reviews.

West Ham United Unveil New Signing Patrice Evra Photo by West Ham United FC/West Ham United via Getty Images

Patrice Evra returns to the Premier League, signs with West Ham United

After an illustrious career at Old Trafford, Patrice Evra is on his way back to the Premier League, signing with West Ham United. Evra had a inglorious end at his last club Marseille, after he was let go after kicking a fan in the head after said fan had been abusing him during warm-ups. Evra had struggled at Marseille before that, but he has tons of experience at the top level, and West Ham will look to lean on that experience as they fight for a spot in Europe next year.

Ben Olsen suspended for D.C. United’s first game next season

Ben Olsen will be suspended for D.C. United’s first game of the upcoming MLS season. Olsen was sent off at the end of the game against the New York Red Bulls, a 2-1 defeat for DC. Olsen was sent off for “failure to act in a responsible manner” including some harsh language directed at officials. D.C. United will spend most of the first half of next season on the road because of their stadium construction, and missing their coach for the first game next year was not part of the plan.

Getting rid of the tactical foul

The tactical foul has been around in soccer for as long as people can remember. The idea of clearly fouling a player who has time and space in front of him makes sense, but breaks up the flow of a game, and such deliberate fouls can easily lead to bad injuries, such as the one recently suffered by Leroy Sane. And the penalties for such fouls are a mere yellow card and a free kick, usually in a lot less dangerous position than play would have been in without the foul. Michael Cox of ESPN suggests it’s time for soccer to eliminate the tactical foul by making the punishment a lot harsher when a player commits one.

Nike releases new World Cup jerseys, Nigeria’s are particularly well received

Nike released the World Cup uniforms for the countries that have them as a sponsor, and they certainly were interesting. Some of the uniforms are pretty straightforward, like France and Russia’s. Some though were very exciting, like Colombia’s, and the one that seems to have gotten the most attention, Nigeria. The Nigeria uniforms are vibrant, fun and different, which are definitely what you are looking for when designing a new jersey. They won’t be for everybody, but the new Nigeria uniforms have certainly made a splash.

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