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Join Angels on Parade’s MLS Fantasy league!

The annual tradition is back.

With the 2018 MLS regular season set to kick off on Saturday morning, Angels on Parade is happy to announce we have opened an MLS Fantasy league for you, dear readers of our site.

We’ve got a 30-team head-to-head league set up, the most entertaining way to play, and with space limited you should act fast to sign up and be a part of the action.

Among the changes this year, in addition to a new interface, the biggest change is that the fantasy season will be split into two seasons, spring and fall. So if you like that fast-paced, seat of your pants action seen by actual managers all over Mexico, this MLS Fantasy format is for you!

How to enter Angels on Parade’s MLS Fantasy League:

  1. Go to
  2. When you’ve set up a team, go to the leagues section, and enter this code: NT24TA9X
  3. Profit! (or just play MLS Fantasy)

Good luck!

What do you think? Leave a comment below!