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Our time is now

It’s time for the LAFC community.

MLS: LAFC Groundbreaking Ceremony Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It has been 1,219 days since Los Angeles Football Club was announced. But it’s only two days until they play their first-ever official game.

Our time is now.

Whether you’ve been on the bandwagon since the very first day or decided right now to follow LAFC, this is our moment.

It’s been a long road. LAFC were initially supposed to enter MLS in 2017, but they pushed it back a year to get their stadium built. The wait was agonizing, but the result may be one of the most impressive delayed gratifications possible.

Our time is now.

To those who spent years sitting on the sidelines, watching the rest of MLS, eager for the time when you would see a team playing alongside all the others, the wait is nearly over.

Our time is now.

No matter where you are in this journey, you’re part of the community. And make no mistake, there is one. It’s thriving, with plenty of time to build connections and get to know each other. And we’re just getting started.

Whether you live in Los Angeles city limits, in the broader LA region, or farther afield in the United States and beyond, we want to hear from you. We have been waiting for this time for 1,219 days.

We’re beyond excited to be on this LAFC journey together with you.

Our time is now.

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