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Angels Links: Spain demolish Argentina 6-1 in Friendly

Plus, more international soccer news!

Spain v Argentina - International Friendly Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Spain crush Argentina 6-1 in friendly

Isco had a hat trick for Spain as they rolled through Argentina 6-1. Argentina were again without Lionel Messi, who had a muscle problem and didn’t play. This game did not go nearly as well as their 2-0 victory over Italy last week. This was Argentina’s largest defeat, and they were thoroughly outclassed by Spain. Spain got a goal from Diego Costa, great overall play by Isco and Thiago, and cruised to victory in the second half after Argentina cut Spain’s lead to 1-1 at halftime. A few months out from the World Cup, Argentina need to do serious work on their defense before the tournament.

U.S. beats Paraguay 1-0

Team USA beat Paraguay 1-0 in a friendly between two teams not going to the World Cup. The U.S. drew a penalty off a nice run by Tyler Adams who was taken down in the box after trying to round the goalkeeper. Bobby Wood converted the subsequent penalty for what was ultimately the game-winning goal. Despite playing well and having more of the chances, the U.S. only created a couple of chances, which kept the game closer than it should have been.

South American Women’s teams band together to bring themselves back from the brink and hopefully into a new era of equality

Despite the investments of soccer federations into their male teams, the female ones are frequently shortchanged in terms for funding, playing conditions, and care. It has frequently been bad lately for the big teams in South America — Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. In what would be in the best case scenario indifference, and the worst case scenario active hostility, the women’s teams in South America are given meager pay, bad training conditions, in some cases match scheduling and staffing of teams were stopped altogether. Faced with these challenges, the players for these federations came together in solidarity and pushed for better rights and better conditions. Next month the CONMEBOL nations will come together for the latest edition of the Copa America Feminina, and for some of the players, this will be a very special event after all the battles they’ve had to get to this point.

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