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Angels Links: Carlos Vela hopes Liga MX Teams beat MLS Teams in CCL


Poland v Mexico: International Friendly Photo by Adam Nurkiewicz/Getty Images

LAFC’s Carlos Vela hopes Liga MX teams beat MLS teams in Concacaf Champions League

Los Angeles Football Club forward Carlos Vela has said he hopes Mexican teams can beat MLS teams in the Concacaf Champions League, after New York Red Bulls, Toronto FC, and Seattle Sounders all won over Liga MX clubs in the first leg of the CCL Quarterfinals.

“Obviously, the teams in Mexico are strong, it’s a very competitive league and the [series] aren’t over. I think in Mexico, things will change.

”Above all, I think Tigres [can overturn the deficit], the current [Liga MX] champion and a team that has been in finals or winning for a number of years. It’s one of the strongest teams in the tournament and it’ll be hard-fought.”

He also said that the results show the quality of MLS, despite rooting for the teams of his home country.

”But I think [the results] show that the [MLS] isn’t as bad a league as people in Mexico think, that it is very physical, very competitive and you don’t play walking and that was shown.”

Pep Guardiola fined for wearing yellow ribbon

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has been fined $27,750 for “a breach in advertising and kit regulations.“ Guardiola wore (and continues to wear) a yellow ribbon on his jacket in support of the Catalan Independence Movement, and accepted the charge from the English Football Association for a political message. Guardiola has explained why he wears the ribbon, since he is from Catalonia and that he cannot put aside his beliefs just because he is a manager. He has stated that he is a human being first, and that he is not wearing the ribbon out of any lack of respect. It also appears that he does not intend to stop wearing the ribbon, meanwhile the FA has gotten some backlash for allowing English teams wear Poppies on their shirts.

Jurgen Klopp defends Jose Mourinho’s tactical approach

Something you probably did not expect to hear: Jurgen Klopp has defended Jose Mourinho’s strategy of parking the bus. He also said he would be happy to park the bus if necessary when his team faces Manchester United on the weekend.

Wait, what?

“If we have to defend there we have to defend with all we have, not with gambling and thinking we are flying. Against Manchester United nobody flies. They are physically too strong, technically too strong. It’s not a battle of systems or philosophies, just two very good football teams who face each other.

“When United attack I hope all my players are involved in defending. If someone then says that is parking the bus then we park the bus. I have no problem with that.”

Zinedane Zidane says Neymar would fit in at any club

In the latest development of the legitimately never-ending Neymar saga, Real Madrid’s Zinedane Zidane has praised the Brazilian international, saying he would fit on any team because of his quality. He also defended two of his own attacking players, who have been the subject of some transfer rumors over the course of the season: Gareth Bale, whom he called very important to the team, and Karim Benzema, whom he said has proved how good he is. However, he also said that Neymar could be bought for... an extraordinary amount of money.

“[PSG] paid €222m, that’s what it is. When I was bought [by Real Madrid] they paid €72m or something like that and I thought it was crazy. Ten years later it’s €222m... in 10 years time or even earlier than that, they might spend €400m.”

This is not to say, of course, that Real Madrid is about to buy Neymar, but it is definitely an interesting set of comments from Madrid’s manager about a player who could very well be on the move again.

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