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Angels Links: Steven Gerrard to make final decision on Rangers job

Also, Jurgen Klopp is the new master of tactics.

Manchester City v Liverpool - UEFA Youth League Quarter-Final Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

After meeting with the Rangers officials, Steven Gerrard to make a final decision about the manager job

Steven Gerrard could become the latest superstar player to land a manager job in top level football. Gerrard has been coaching Liverpool’s U-18 team for the last few years, but after the Rangers job has become available, he has had meetings with club officials, and might be set to take the job. Gerrard is said to be the favorite candidate of the Rangers board. Rangers are looking to make the leap back to the top of Scottish Football, as they haven’t been at the same level since the club was liquidated and they made their way back to the Scottish top flight. Interestingly, if Gerrard took the Rangers job he would be squaring off against his former coach, Brendan Rodgers, who is the manager of Celtic.

Jurgen Klopp takes the lead over rivals such as Jose Mourinho in this new era

Football, like most other sports, and things in life in general, is constantly experiencing evolution. The newest evolution that is popular in world football is pressing, and to combat that, counterpressing. Like in basketball, in soccer pressing is designed to cause turnovers in dangerous areas of the field, and then the attacking side’s forwards and midfielders push forward to take advantage of the turnover and make a play on goal. The premier pressing manager at the moment is Jurgen Klopp. Simon Kuper explains why pressing is really catching on now, and how not all managers are able to adapt.

Andres Iniesta will leave Barcelona with a legacy few other others can match

Last week, Andres Iniesta announced he would be leaving Barcelona at the end of the season. If he had played during another era, Iniesta might have been the best player of his generation. Unfortunately Iniesta played during the era of Messi and Ronaldo. Still, Iniesta had an incredible career, winning trophy after trophy with Barcelona, and having some incredible individual moments, most notably his last minute goal vs Chelsea to send Barcelona to the Champions league final, and his goal deep in extra time that secured Spain’s first ever World Cup. Iniesta is a legend of the game, and he will not soon be forgotten.

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