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LAFC announce signing of Haitian attacker Steeve Saint-Duc

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Player will be eligible for competitive games in July.

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Los Angeles Football Club announced on Tuesday the signing of attacker Steeve Saint-Duc. The player, 18, will be eligible for competitive action after July 10, when the summer transfer window opens.

Saint-Duc has been linked to LAFC since last September, when he was spotted with Bob Bradley, the manager wearing LAFC gear:

Saint-Duc turned heads around Concacaf when he won the MVP and Golden Boot awards at the Caribbean Football Union’s U-17 Championship in 2016, and captained Haiti at the 2017 Concacaf U-17 Championship.

“At just 18 years old, Steeve has the best years of his career ahead of him,” said LAFC EVP of soccer operations and general manager John Thorrington in a team statement. “We look forward to helping Steeve with his development and continued growth as a professional.”

The signing helps close the book on one of the players who appeared to be stuck in LAFC limbo, as Saint-Duc was announced as an LAFC player at the jersey launch party just prior to the season, only for no news to emerge and the player to appear headed on trial to French clubs. However, when salary information emerged from the MLS Players’ Union earlier this month, Saint-Duc was included in the figures, despite having never been announced as a player.

The flipside is that Saint-Duc, presumably an international still, will take up an international slot in July. So will Adama Diomandé any day now when he is cleared to play in competitive games, and Andre Horta, when the summer transfer window opens. LAFC already waived Rodrigo Pacheco, presumably to make room for Diomandé, but it appears LAFC will need to clear another space for Horta and now another space for Saint-Duc. Something will need to give, it seems. Stay tuned on how that will shake out.

Also, just a hunch, but bet on seeing Saint-Duc play for LAFC on Tuesday against Borussia Dortmund in the teams’ friendly at Banc of California Stadium. Since it’s a friendly, he’ll be eligible to play for the black-and-gold.

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