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Join Angels on Parade in our World Cup Predictions contest!

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We only get to do this once every four years, so let’s have some fun!

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Previews - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

We are just days away from World Cup 2018 kicking off in Russia, and Angels on Parade is hosting a World Cup Predictions Contest!

Here is how it works: you send us, in the comment section below, your predictions for the final standings of every group in the World Cup. Tell us what the group will look like at the end of the group stage. You don’t need to give us point totals, just the order the teams will finish in.

You get four points for getting the group winner correct. Three points for getting second place right, two for third, and one for last place.

Then, predict the winners of each knockout game. Again, you don’t need to say scores. If you want to, you can, but there are no points at stake there. You can use a bracket to help find which teams go where, but here is the breakdown:

1C-2D (Match 50)

1A-2B (Match 49)

2A-1B (Match 51)

1D-2C (Match 52)

1E-2F (Match 53)

1G-2H (Match 54)

1F-2E (Match 55)

1H-2G (Match 56)

The winners of 49 and 50 play each other (Match 57), as do the winners of 51 and 52 (Match 59); 53 and 54 (Match 58); 55 and 56 (Match 60). The 57 winner plays the 58 winner, and the 59 winner plays the 60 winner. The winners of those two matches go to the Final. The winner, of course, is World Cup Champion.

For each round of 16 winner you get correct, you get four points. Each quarter-final winner gets you eight points, each semi-final winner gets you 16, and you get 32 points for predicting the winner correctly. You also get a bonus point if you get both teams in a matchup correct, and you’ll get four points if you get the third-place game winner correct.

Here is the point breakdown.

Group stage:

4 points for 1st place correct.

3 points for 2nd place correct.

2 points for 3rd place correct.

1 point for 4th place correct.

Knockout stage:

1 point for each matchup you correctly predicted both participants.

4 points for each Round of 16 winner correct.

8 points for each Quarterfinal winner correct.

16 points for each Semifinal winner correct.

4 points for the Third-place game winner correct.

32 points for the Final winner correct.

The staff at Angels on Parade will be publishing our picks before the start of the World Cup, and we will publish updates of who is winning after the Group Stage and after each knockout round. The tie-breaker, if needed, is score of the Final.

Go ahead and send in your predictions (before the kickoff of the first match on Thursday), and best of luck! In the words of Michael Buffer, “Let’s get ready to rumble!”