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The Angels on Parade staff predicts the World Cup!

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Here are OUR World Cup Predictions!

Previews - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

We are just a day away from kicking off World Cup 2018 in Russia! Angels on Parade is holding a World Cup Predictions contest, which is open until the start of the tournament on Thursday!

Because we put our money where our mouths are, here are the predictions from the staff of Angels on Parade:

Alicia Rodriguez

Third place game: Germany over Mexico

Score of Final: 1-0

Matt Clark

Third place game: England over France

Score of Final: 2-1

Ryan Goodwin

Third place game: France over Germany

Score of Final: 3-2

Patrick Stoll

Third place game: Brazil over Spain

Score of Final: 2-1

You can join our predictions contest by putting your predictions in the comments! Here is the breakdown of the points:

Group stage:

4 points for 1st place correct.

3 points for 2nd place correct.

2 points for 3rd place correct.

1 point for 4th place correct.

Knockout stage:

1 point for each matchup you correctly predicted both participants.

4 points for each Round of 16 winner correct.

8 points for each Quarterfinal winner correct.

16 points for each Semifinal winner correct.

4 points for the Third-place game winner correct.

32 points for the Final winner correct.

Tie-breaker (if necessary) is the score of the Final.

Best of luck to everyone, and enjoy the World Cup!