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Angels on Parade’s World Cup Predictions contest update

How did our “expert” predictions hold up after the group stage?

Korea Republic v Germany: Group F - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images,

You may remember that we here at Angels on Parade made our World Cup predictions before the tournament started. We picked how each teams would finish in the group, and then each knockout game through the final. Here is an update for how each person is doing after the Group Stage ended.

A reminder of the rules:

Group stage:

4 points for 1st place correct.

3 points for 2nd place correct.

2 points for 3rd place correct.

1 point for 4th place correct.

We also added a rule where if you picked a team to advance but in the wrong spot, you get a point. For example, if you picked Argentina to win their group, you get 1 point, because they did advance to the knockout rounds, but not as the group winners.

Knockout stage:

1 point for each matchup you correctly predicted both participants.

4 points for each Round of 16 winner correct.

8 points for each Quarterfinal winner correct.

16 points for each Semifinal winner correct.

4 points for the Third-place game winner correct.

32 points for the Final winner correct.

Tie-breaker (if necessary) is the score of the Final.

Top of the Table after the Group Stages is Patrick Stoll, with 47 points.

Patrick picked Group B perfectly, and got 7 points in 4 other groups to take a slight lead in our predictions.

2nd right now is Alicia Rodriguez, with 44 points. Alicia picked Group C and Group G perfectly.

3rd place is myself, Ryan Goodwin, with 42 points. I picked Group G perfectly, and got 7 points from Group A and Group B.

In 4th but just 7 points from the lead is Matt Clark, with 40 points. Matt picked group C and group G perfectly.

Rounding out the race but still in shouting distance are our friends at the Orange & Black SoccerCast with 28 points. They got 7 points from Group B, C, and G.

The group people seemed to pick most accurately was Group G, the Belgium and England group. Meanwhile, the group we all struggled with the most was Group F (Thanks, Germany).

We’ll be back with another update after the Round of 16 is over. Until then, keep enjoying this amazing World Cup!

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