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Angels Links: New deal for Harry Kane

The Tottenham striker gets a massive new contract after another massive season.

Tottenham Hotspur v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Henry Browne/Getty Images

Harry Kane signs new Tottenham contract until 2024

Tottenham Hotspur have confirmed that Harry Kane has signed a new contract with the North London club until 2024. Kane will be the captain for England in the World Cup after another high-flying season, where he scored 41 goals in 48 appearances. Kane has scored a total of 140 goals for Spurs in 213 appearances, and while the new deal’s details have not been released, it reportedly has broken the wage structure previously set by the club. His previous contract was £100,000 per week, but the new contract is supposedly double the amount.

Cristiano Ronaldo only targeting European Clubs in case of Real Madrid departure

Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly become set on leaving Real Madrid this summer, according to sources from ESPN FC. He and his representatives have apparently also ruled out a move outside of Europe, with a few destinations in Europe in mind. Ronaldo opened speculation about his future, again, right after winning another Champions League with Real Madrid, saying that he has enjoyed his time at the club. On Thursday, reports emerged out of the Portuguese press that his decision to leave the club is “irreversible.“ According to reports, Ronaldo says the size of his contract is not the most important issue, even though it is considered to be a factor that both Lionel Messi and Neymar earn more.

Hope Solo says 2026 World Cup should not go to the United States bid

Hope Solo, former goalkeeper for the United States Women’s National Team and World Cup champion, has said that she does not think the World Cup bid in 2026 should go to the bid that includes the U.S. She also says that Morocco should not get the bid, saying,

“That is not helping the sport in America. I want to see promotion-relegation in the NASL and the MLS. Right now it’s true, you have rich ownership groups owning MLS teams and they’re only getting richer and they’re alienating everybody else.

“A new ownership group can’t just come in and purchase a team even though they have the financial security, even though they have the commitment. It’s controlled by those single individuals at Soccer United Marketing, MLS in particular, [Commissioner] Don Garber.”

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