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Angels on Parade’s World Cup Predictions: Quarterfinals update

We have a new leader in our standings as the semifinals are set to start!

Soccer: World Cup-Uruguay vs France Witters Sport-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to believe but we are at the semifinals of the World Cup. This amazing tournament sadly is close to finishing.

Which means our tournament is close to finishing as well.

For this round, you got one point if you guessed the correct quarterfinal matchup, and eight points if you guessed the right winner.

And we have a new leader in our standings after the quarterfinals!

Leading now is Matt Clark, with 79 points, 17 points in this last round. Matt correctly had France and England in the semifinals.

Second is Patrick Stoll, just four points off the pace with 75 points. Patrick had eight points this round, and with France as his overall winner, is one of two of us who has a potential champion still alive in their bracket.

3rd is Alicia Rodriguez, with 72 points. Alicia had 9 points this past round.

4th is myself, Ryan Goodwin, with 70 points. I had 8 points this round.

5th is Orange & Black SoccerCast with 56 points. They had 16 points this round, with France and England correctly picked to move on. And with a France vs England final prediction with France winning, The Orange & Black SoccerCast is still very much alive for a top finish.

Onto the Semifinals we go, with a dramatic finish for this World Cup almost assured, and maybe a dramatic finish to this contest along with it.

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