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LAFC vs. LA Galaxy: Three Questions

Don’t look now, but the Galaxy have been in good form.

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at Philadelphia Union Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday is the big day, as the second edition of El Trafico arrives. Will Los Angeles Football Club flip the result from the first meeting against the LA Galaxy? Will the Galaxy take the season series with a game to spare? Will it be a stalemate at The Banc?

To get a quick crash course on LAFC’s opponent, we welcome back Mike Gray of SB Nation Galaxy site LAG Confidential. Thanks to Mike for taking the time to answer my questions!

Angels on Parade asks LAG Confidential:

1. So, to put it briefly, how have things been going for the Galaxy since the last time LAFC played them?

Winners of three straight and unbeaten in seven, LA are rolling. Using what Sigi Schmid refers to as a “cockeyed 3-5-2”, the Galaxy are playing old-fashioned direct soccer, daring their opponents to outscore what has become a formidable attack led by Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Also: Maligned as the priciest defense in the league, the Galaxy backline has stopped leaking goals, quietly conceding just nine times in the past seven matches. Take out the catastrophe in San Jose and the Galaxy have given up six in six.

Sigi deserves credit for coaxing the best out of his attacking weapons while shoring up the defense.

2. How do things sit at the moment as far as the Galaxy’s ambitions this season? Are they truly a contender now? Are there nerves about their playoff prospects? Something in the middle?

It would be premature to describe LA as a top contender, but Zlatan gives the Galaxy a collective belief and the team has steadily improved since the World Cup.

3. Now that we’ve seen the LA teams play once, do Galaxy fans think there’s a rivalry now? It sure felt like one on the field.

On and off the field, its a rivalry. (I may not have consulted the official Football Culture Handbook first but you’ll just have to trust me)

Every 80s high school movie has that narrative where the average kid becomes the most popular dude in town and the cool kids who couldn’t be bothered with him beforehand suddenly want a piece of the Teen Wolf.

Galaxy fans are Michael J. Fox, wondering where the cool kids have been the past two decades. Joking aside, it is a legitimate gripe.

4. Bonus: Prediction for this game?


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