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Angels on Parade’s World Cup predictions: Round of 16 update

Things are getting tight in our prediction standings!

Soccer: World Cup-Colombia vs England Sipa USA-USA TODAY Sports

I hope everyone is enjoying this World Cup so far! Personally I think it’s been amazing, and I’m not sure I thought it would be going in, especially with the U.S. not being there.

I think the two main stories of the World Cup so far have been drama, specifically late goals, and upsets.

And upsets, well, that tends to not be all that much fun for people who picked the games, like we did here at Angels on Parade.

But alas, we carry on, and we will now find out how our predictions are doing after the Round of 16.

If you want to see the full set of rules again, check out our last update which has the full set of rules there.

For the Round of 16, if you guessed both participants in a match up correctly you got one point. If you correctly guessed the winner of that matchup, you got four points. Here’s how the standings look after the Round of 16:

Still in the lead is Patrick Stoll. Patrick has 67 points overall, and got 20 points in this last round.

Second is Alicia Rodriguez with 63 total points. Alicia got 19 points in the round of 16.

Tied for 3rd are myself, Ryan Goodwin, and Matt Clark. We each have 62 total points. Matt got 22 points this round, and I got 20.

To finish it off, The Orange & Black SoccerCast has 40 points, and got 12 points in this round.

The match-ups most people guessed correctly were Brazil vs. Mexico, and England vs. Colombia. Also Uruguay vs. Portugal, though it was pretty split on who we guessed would win that game.

Since most of us picked Argentina and Germany to win their groups, we struggled in those match-ups of Croatia vs. Denmark, and Sweden vs. Switzerland.

It’s been a fun tournament so far, and based on the standings it looks like it’s going to be a photo finish!

What do you think? Leave a comment below!