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Orange County SC favorites to win USL Cup, according to FiveThirtyEight

Plus, where do they sit in the world club rankings?

Courtesy of Orange County SC.

In case you’ve ever wondered how a ranking of the top 576 club teams in the world would go, FiveThirtyEight have been doing just that, and the results of teams we’re familiar with are fascinating.

Of particular note, Orange County SC are in a pretty good spot, all things considered, coming in at No. 367. That’s second among all USL teams (FC Cincinnati are at No. 325), and it’s ahead of eight(!) MLS teams.

If you’re wondering about the methodology, check this out on FiveThirtyEight’s website. Also of note, Los Angeles Football Club clock in on this same ranking at No. 297, so just below the top half.

Additionally, it should be said that FiveThirtyEight are big fans of Orange County SC, as they are ranking them the favorites to win USL Cup as of Friday. Not afraid to jinx things or shy away from the favorites tag, the team’s twitter account was pleased with the projection:

Orange County SC currently sit in second place in the Western Conference. They are back in action on Saturday against Phoenix Rising FC in Arizona.

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