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Carlos Vela personally invites LeBron James to LAFC game

Longtime LBJ admirer putting on the full press.

MLS: Sporting KC at Los Angeles FC Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The soccer world, and Los Angeles, was abuzz on Wednesday, as LeBron James posted a photo on Instagram of his kids wearing custom LAFC jerseys.

Ahead of the third El Trafico game of the season, it was a nice bit of marketing buzz for Los Angeles Football Club, as James is undeniably the biggest sports star in town, having signed for the Los Angeles Lakers over the summer.

One of his biggest fans, LAFC star Carlos Vela, upped the ante by inviting James to an LAFC game, on the latest episode of “Beita Time,” even going so far as to offer to pay for the James family’s tickets.

The appearance on “Beita Time” is nice for Vela, as he shows more of his personality than we have really ever seen. Vela, a star in Mexico since he was a teenager, has done a great job selling LAFC in his first season in MLS, and while in at prior clubs he at times shrugged off the “face of the team” responsibilities, he hasn’t shirked any of it for LAFC, to his credit.

At the same time, when you talk to him, you sense a bit of guardedness much of the time. He’ll give you a solid answer, but he doesn’t exactly relax. And given the way he’s been treated in the past by various media around the world, it make sense. The soccer press in Mexico, England and Spain are among three of the most aggressive and frankly often unfair in the world. So for Vela’s mask to slip and seem to be at ease, even if for a few seconds at a time, while talking to Steven Beitashour, is great to see.

Now, the next part of this saga is for LeBron to come to a game and become Vela’s BFF. We know Carlos wants it...the ball is in your court, LBJ.

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