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Who should take over the captaincy for LAFC?

Now that Laurent Ciman is gone, who takes the armband?

New York City FC v Los Angeles FC Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Laurent Ciman has departed Los Angeles Football Club, and his departure will leave a mark.

He was a veteran leader on the team, a strong presence in defense, and very good option when taking free kicks.

Though it’s a little uncertain who slots in defense, there are options. Walker Zimmerman seems to hold one of the central defender spots, and Danilo Silva, Dejan Jakovic, and Jordan Harvey will probably battle it out for the other spot.

But beyond who will take his spot in defense, there is also the question of who takes the armband and becomes the new club captain for LAFC.

For my money there seem to be two main candidates, Carlos Vela and Benny Feilhaber.

Both have worn the armband at various points this year, Feilhaber earlier in the season when Ciman missed a game or two, and Vela last weekend against the LA Galaxy.

Because Vela wore the armband most recently against the Galaxy, he seems to be the frontrunner for being the new captain.

And it makes sense, Vela is the face of the team, well respected by his teammates, and the team’s best player. While not always the most vocal player, Vela is not afraid to stand up for himself and his teammates, and call out the referees when he feels they’ve made mistakes.

But Feilhaber would also make a good choice for club captain.

An MLS veteran and very good player, Benny also seems well respected by his teammates.

His personality is a little more feisty than that of Vela, and he would make a good emotional leader for the team.

One player who is very much on the outside of this, but who I could see as a good captain? Steven Beitashour. Another MLS veteran who is incredibly consistent, I think his play and his leadership would translate well as captain if ever selected.

In the end, I think it will be Vela, and that’s the right choice. But Feilhaber would make a good captain as well, and who knows, maybe there is someone else in the mix to take the armband.

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