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Report: LAFC land over $1 million in allocation money for Gaber, Ciman sales

It pay$ to have player$ in demand.

DC United v Los Angeles FC Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

In case you were wondering, a new feature from Sam Stejskal of goes over why Los Angeles Football Club sold Laurent Ciman when they did, and of particular note, how much they’ll have to work with in allocation money from their transfers out.

Stejskal speaks to LAFC EVP and general manager John Thorrington about the Ciman sale, and it’s a worthwhile read in full, I encourage you to check it out. But as far as the amount LAFC will recoup for Ciman (off to Dijon for $500,000) and Omar Gaber (sold to Egypt’s Pyramids FC for $1 million), Stejskal pins an approximate amount of $1.125 million in general allocation money from the two sales.

As he notes, that’s a lot of allocation money, and while MLS never reveals the precise amount of allocation money any team has in reserve or has accumulated in total, and while there are multiple types of allocation money (there’s also Targeted Allocation Money, or TAM, which is effectively an allowance that comes with strings attached, that teams must use it; and also Discretionary TAM, which is teams basically just expanding their salary budget), having over $1 million in GAM for the next couple transfer windows is massive.

You may note some skepticism on this amount: If MLS and their teams are so secretive about money, can we really trust any of this? I’ll admit I haven’t looked at the books myself, but Stejskal is one of the most knowledgable and plugged-in MLS reporters, especially when it comes to byzantine money and roster matters. So I trust this reporting.

All in all, good news for LAFC in capitalizing on wantaway players. Not only did they make sales at all on the foreign market, but they’ve picked up a good chunk of money to put towards future deals, and that’s promising for the future of the roster.

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