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LAFC make their 2019 MLS Draft pick, but story may be the trades that didn’t happen

They talked a lot, but in the end stood pat.

MLS: SuperDraft
Peter-Lee Vassell was LAFC’s lone move on Friday.
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into the 2019 MLS Draft on Friday, it seemed like it would probably be a quiet day for Los Angeles Football Club. One pick, deep in the second round, and they might take a backseat to proceedings at McCormick Place in Chicago.

In the end, that is what happened, with their selection being Jamaican international Peter-Lee Vassell, but that doesn’t tell the full story of the day for the black-and-gold.

It began shortly before the draft began, with reports leaking out that LAFC were in talks to acquire the No. 1 pick from FC Cincinnati.

When the draft stream itself kicked off, LAFC GM John Thorrington was hanging around FC Cincinnati’s table. FC Cincinnati called timeout, on the very first pick! It looked a deal was being done.

In the end, it wasn’t. Thorrington literally walked away. FCC picked Frankie Amaya from UCLA, who professed his love for LAFC at the combine.

Would a deal be announced after the fact? Nope.’s Sam Stejskal reported that LAFC offered Cincy $200,000 in allocation money plus an international roster spot, and Cincinnati wanted $500,000 in allocation, and LAFC said “No thanks.”

So far, no deal has been announced so it appears any potential deal there is dead at this point.

But that wasn’t the only potential trade action for LAFC. They went to the Houston Dynamo’s table at one point...

And a source told Angels on Parade that Thorrington was spotted at the LA Galaxy’s table at one point in the draft, too. There were reports that they were mingling at a couple other team tables, too.

But, in the end they didn’t do any draft day trades. So it goes. It seemed like Thorrington and Kuntz were trolling for deals, but nothing good enough to snag their proverbial line in the end.

In the end, we’ll remember this opening day of the 2019 MLS Draft from LAFC’s perspective for the one player they took, but amid about a half-dozen teams active in the trade market on Friday, they ultimately stayed on the sideline, even though they nearly took the No. 1 pick two years in a row, to say nothing of other deals.

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