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Here’s where LAFC will pick in the 2019 MLS Draft

The big day is on Friday, and LAFC are gearing up for it.

MLS: MLS Super Draft
Blackmon is the draft pick from 2018 still on LAFC’s roster.
Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The 2019 MLS Draft is on Friday morning in Chicago, and it will be Los Angeles Football Club’s second-annual direct involvement in the draft.

Things will be much different the second time around. Last year, LAFC had the top pick overall, which they used to grab Akron defender Joao Moutinho, and then they traded up to get the No. 3 pick, which they used on Pacific defender Tristan Blackmon.

LAFC also had two picks in subsequent rounds, Pitt midfielder Pol Calvet Planellas at the top of the second round and Oregon State forward Jordan Jones at the top of the third round, but neither made the team in the end.

What will happen this year? We will have to see if any trades are made between now and draft day (and let’s face it, beyond, too), but here’s where LAFC are scheduled to pick in this year’s draft:

First round: No. 16

Update, Jan. 9: LAFC traded this pick to FC Cincinnati two days before the draft.

LAFC are in the middle of the pack for their first pick. Will all the good players be gone by then? Only time will tell, but it’s not like a team that identifies a need and finds a player to fit that need can’t find something at that point. Still, don’t expect a starter from this spot — if that were to happen, LAFC would have found a very good player, indeed.

Second round: No. 40

LAFC pick in the same spot in the second round. Friday’s draft will only be the first half of the draft, the first two rounds. Expect this pick to be even more speculative than the first, with any player picked potentially getting a contract and earning a spot on the team, but the further down the draft you go, historically the less likely a player will make the first team.

Third round: No. 64

No surprise, LAFC pick in the same spot in the third round, too. Ditto on what I’ve said above, a player taken could make the team but it’s an uphill climb. This round of the draft will take place through conference call next week.

Fourth round: No. 73

LAFC picked up FC Cincinnati’s fourth-round pick in their weird trade, so they’ll get first dibs in the fourth round. Teams often pass in this round (really!). So LAFC may not even make a pick here, we’ll see what happens.

And that’s it. No fourth-round pick again this year, as LAFC traded it away to FC Dallas for Shaft Brewer, Jr., and a pick four slots up which LAFC mysteriously acquired at some point from the LA Galaxy (I feel like we would have remembered that one) was traded to the New York Red Bulls for Danilo Silva’s rights. Since it isn’t LAFC’s, I guess it’s not that big of a deal to ponder how they got it at all.

We’ll have plenty more draft coverage this week, including our pick in SB Nation’s annual mock draft.

For now, what do you think? Leave a comment below!