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Bob Bradley tells ESPN reporter to “get lost” in on-camera interview

LAFC boss also abruptly ends discussion, reporter responds on Twitter.

LAFC v Philadelphia Union : MLS Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images

Los Angeles Football Club have won their first playoff game, their first win over the LA Galaxy, and Bob Bradley is coming off his third career MLS Coach of the Year award. Times are good for the LAFC boss and his team. might not get that impression based on the postgame interview with ESPN’s Sebastian Salazar, on the field as LAFC celebrated a 5-3 victory over the Galaxy at the Banc on Thursday.

Salazar asked Bradley a few questions, and things were going well, until he asked a question about Carlos Vela showing up in the big games.

Bradley...took exception to the question.

“Who asked those questions?” Bradley asked Salazar in response.

“Over the course of his career, those questions have been asked,” Salazar answered.

“Have they been asked this year? Why would they ask that question?” Bradley said.

“I think it’s a fair question,” said Salazar.

“I don’t think so, after this season? Get lost! Get lost!” Bradley said, talking over Salazar, before marching away from the interview area.

Bradley briefly turned back to, um, discuss further with Salazar but since the ESPN broadcast was still live, on national TV, and Salazar evenly said, “Thank you Bob,” Bradley seemed to think it was worth doing another time and he walked away from the camera following him.

To be kind to Bradley, he was trying to stick up for Vela, who has performed all season long. You would think he could have been a bit more diplomatic about the whole thing, but the fires burn hot, and it’s probably tough to turn the passion on and off.

After the game, Salazar responded on Twitter, claiming Bradley himself willingly engaged with the question with him back in January.

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