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Documentary series “We are LAFC” to debut on ESPN+ on Monday

An all-access look at the club in their inaugural season.

MLS: LAFC Culinary Tour Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Word has trickled out in recent days that ESPN+ will be releasing a behind-the-scenes documentary about Los Angeles Football Club’s debut season, called “We are LAFC,” on Monday.

It’s true.

We know what we’ll be doing in the week leading up to the 2019 season opener!

Seriously, though, this sounds pretty cool. They’re promising “all-access” so we’ll see if they show footage of Bob Bradley cursing out the team after combusting late in a game and dropping points. LAFC had a good debut season, but we’ll see if the team allows for a few warts along the way or if it’s going to be as slick as a promotional pamphlet.

In truth, there have been a spate of soccer documentaries of late, from Manchester City’s “All or Nothing,” Juventus’ “First Team: Juventus,” Boca Juniors’ “Boca Juniors Confidential,” Sunderland’s “Sunderland ‘til I Die” and the one that arguably started the boom of soccer docs in the U.S., “Being Liverpool.” On the spectrum, I’m going to guess “We are LAFC” will trend far more to the Man City/Juve/Boca side as far as slick and polished, but we’ll see if there’s any unintentional comedy like there was for then-Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers and the mysterious envelopes or the man walking through his own house, showing off a painting of...himself.

One more note: A number of LAFC fans are not happy this is being streamed on ESPN+ and not YouTube TV, the team’s streaming partner with a dedicated all-LAFC channel. ESPN most likely commissioned and produced this documentary themselves, to be part of their library for ESPN+. While YTTV may be LAFC’s streaming partner, the club’s links to ESPN run pretty deep too — president Tom Penn has been a longtime analyst for the network on NBA matters, and play-by-play announcer Max Bretos also works for ESPN, while the club’s English-language radio partner is ESPN LA. For them, I think it’s less YouTube TV vs. ESPN and more spreading the coverage of the team around, and again, I’m guessing ESPN produced this series. I know those in the LA area can’t watch LAFC games on ESPN+, but it’s a fantastically good deal as far as streaming services go, if you like sports.

We’ll of course watch the series, cover it in some capacity and look forward to seeing what secrets are revealed.

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