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Angels on Parade predicts: LAFC’s top scorer in 2019

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A healthy number of options!

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Los Angeles FC Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Football Club kick off the 2019 MLS regular season on Sunday, when they host Sporting Kansas City.

No big changes in the offseason in the attack, aside from the addition of forward Rodolfo Zelaya. We expect the scoring load to be spread around, but who will lead the team in scoring in 2019? Last season, Carlos Vela led the way in league play, while Diego Rossi was the scoring king across all competitions.

We at Angels on Parade once again stick our necks out to project what will happen in the season ahead.

Ryan Goodwin

I think LAFC’s top scorer of will be Diego Rossi. Rossi hit the ground running in his first year in MLS, and I expect even better things in year 2. He has great on the field chemistry with Carlos Vela, and I expect Vela to set Rossi up with a number of opportunities this season. With Miguel Almiron leaving MLS, Diego Rossi is maybe the premier young attacking player in the league now. I expect to hit similar heights in 2019 and lead LAFC in scoring.

Patrick Stoll

Christian Ramirez joined LAFC in early August last year for a hefty amount of allocation money, serving as Bob Bradley doubling down on his philosophy and playing style in the club’s first year. Ramirez went on to play 7 games, scoring two goals, plus one in the playoff loss to RSL. After the match, Bradley name-dropped Ramirez in particular as a player who has all the right abilities, comparing him to Falcao and Diego Costa, but needs some polishing.

Bradley has now had an entire offseason to work with Ramirez, something he did not get to do before buying him off of Minnesota United. He has had the time to perfect how Ramirez will work in his system, and tinker with the parts of Ramirez’s game that need to be smoothed out. Ramirez clearly has the talent to be a top-notch scorer in MLS, and who better to get the best out of him than Bob Bradley?

When Adama Diomande joined LAFC last season, he went on a tear, scoring nine goals in his first seven games (12 in 19 overall) and plucking the starting spot from Marco Ureña. Dio then finished tied with Diego Rossi in the scoring list in league play with 12, and Carlos Vela took the title in 2018 with 14 goals. Given that LAFC went out of their way to get Ramirez, they clearly see something in him and will try to get as much from him as possible. If he is not the day-one starter over Dio, he will win the spot, and he will be LAFC’s 2019 breakout player. In addition, given the amount of rotation built into Bradley’s attacking style of play, and the amount of shared attacking responsibilities, Ramirez has a good chance to edge out Vela, Rossi, and Dio for the title.

Alicia Rodriguez

One thing I’ve learned from the “We are LAFC” series so far is that Bob Bradley says he puts way more responsibility on his captain than other players, and has higher expectations. Assuming Carlos Vela remains the captain, he’s been red-hot in preseason and while he’s not the only scoring option for the team, there’s no guarantee he’ll join Mexico for the Gold Cup this summer and having multiple scoring options seemed to work pretty well for him last year. As the star on a talented team, I think there’s a good chance Vela tops his totals from last year, which could in turn leave him the team scoring leader for the season.

Who’s your pick for top scorer? Leave a comment below!