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LAFC Podcast Wrap: Call your mother, if you can

Also, listen to soccer shows.

Ireland v United States

As usual, there is plenty of LAFC podcast fodder to jump into this week. Before we get to the wrap, a public service announcement that Sunday is Mother’s Day, so call your mother if you can.

On a related note, we’ve got some cool interviews with moms in soccer, with Fox Sports reporter Katie Witham, and LAFC executive Kristen Kuhn, and another on the way (teaser!). Please check those out and share if you like them.

Soccer Weekly

This week, Dave Denholm interviewed LAFC goalkeeper Tyler Miller, who was a terrific listen.

Inside LAFC

Couldn’t get enough Tyler Miller? No worries, he’s on the team’s podcast this week, too.

Defenders of the Banc

Filly and The Scarf had two episodes this week. First was a recap of the draw against the Fire...

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Welcome to Episode 21 of Defenders of the Banc with Christian "Filly" Filimon and "The Scarf" J.R. Lebert. As we hit our 21st episode, LAFC seems to have hit a little bump in the road with their scoreless home draw against the uninspiring Chicago Fire. The boys dissect the draw, including their thoughts on pushing more defenders forward, Lee Nguyen's crisp passing and its effect on the entire team, the return of Dio, and another clean sheet by Tyler Miller. Of course, no episode is complete without a trip in the way-back machine in This Day in LAFC History! Find out what major moment in our club's early history occurred this week. In addition to the usual banter, the Defenders talk about the newest scarf to sell out at LAFC HQ, they run through a brief history of the reasons behind celebrating Cinco de Mayo (it's NOT Mexican Independence Day!), they highlight another successful tailgate, and they hint at a fun event coming up in August in... Carson, of all places. Where else can you listen to Filly fan-boy hard over Bastian Schweinsteiger or Scarf wish a very happy birthday to the beautiful Danielle Fishel (Topanga!)? Who will be the Defenders' first player interview? (We've already recorded it!) All this and more is yours to hear on Episode 21 of Defenders of the Banc! #lafc #losangelesfootballclub #blackandgold #defendersofthebanc #fillyandthescarf #cincodemayo #lafcpodfam

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...and the second was a special ep where they interviewed LAFC goalkeeper Phillip Ejimadu, who has been playing on loan at FC Tucson. Good stuff learning about Ejimadu’s background, as one of the offseason signings with the most mystery surrounding him.

Shoulder 2 Shoulder

The guys interview the official Man of the Match for The 3252 in the Chicago game, which was Rene Saavedra, the member of the North End who just returned from a deployment and surprised his family at the game last week, in a terrific moment. Nice to hear his story.

LAFC Season Pass

The reporters talked about the Fire draw, the sudden lack of goals, and why LAFC stood pat at the transfer deadline this week (for what it’s worth, they’re right that there was no need to go out and get a new striker, LAFC’s striker depth is the envy of MLS).

Heart of LAFC

Jerry’s paternity leave is over — hope he’s dealing well with the new baby as he gets back to work on the podcast grind. In the first episode, he and Josef go over the draw against Chicago:

And then they preview the Columbus match in their second show:

Are We LAFC?

Schwartz may have been in Stockholm but he called in, angry airbnb neighbor or not, and the guys brought their characteristic fire.

FCFC Podcast

Fair warning: This one is for a long road trip, as it clocks in at well over two hours(!). But they chat with LAFC OGs Rey and Julio. If you don’t know these guys, it’s time you got to know them.

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