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LAFC Injury Analysis: Beitashour continues to recover; Javi Perez out with ACL tear

A starter remains out and a rookie gets a tough blow.

New York City FC v Los Angeles FC Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Football Club will travel to Portland to open up the revamped Providence Park on Saturday. Unfortunately for the Black & Gold, they will once again be without defender Steven Beitashour, who continues to recover from a hamstring strain suffered against FC Dallas almost two weeks ago. This scenario was likely expected, as rehabilitation from muscular strains is often complicated. The definition of a muscle strain generally indicates the presence of tearing within the muscle, which can vary from micro-tearing to a full tear. While muscle has a limited ability to regenerate, a portion of that healing is achieved through the formation of scar tissue.

The presence of scar tissue within normal muscle tissue results in a decrease of strength and the increase of fatigue. With this in mind, the athlete’s biomechanics are then altered, resulting in an increased risk of re-injury. Given this information, the medical and training staff at LAFC generally approach the treatment of muscular injuries with caution. With Tristain Blackmon proving to be an adequate fill-in, I would expect that Beitashour will make his return when LAFC resumes MLS play at the end of June.

MLS: Combine Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

In addition to Steven Beitashour, the latest injury report saw LAFC announce that midfielder Javi Perez had suffered a tear to his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) on his left knee. The ACL is responsible for limiting how far forward the lower leg is able to slide forward in relationship to the thigh.

The recovery time for an ACL tear and subsequent surgery is a minimum of 6 months. However, a 7-9 month time frame is the general recommendation before allowing the athlete to return to competitive sports. As noted above in the discussion regarding return from muscular injuries, there is an inherent chance of re-injury if the athlete has not been able to return to peak mental and physical conditioning. We will continue to track his rehabilitation here on Angels on Parade as we receive updates regarding his progress.

As LAFC enters the sweltering heat of the summer, it will be important that the training/coaching staff manage the health/fitness of the players. The MLS season is long and grueling, and while every game feels importance, it is more important that the players peak heading into the final stretch run and MLS Cup playoffs.

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