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World Cup: First Round Wrap Up

How things stand after the first round of games in France.

Australia v Italy: Group C - 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup France Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Yesterday we put out our review of the record-breaking Team USA victory over Thailand. In addition to reviewing all the US games, we will also be updating you after each round of the tournament is finished.

Here is what happened in round 1.

Group A:

  • France 4, South Korea 0
  • Norway 3, Nigeria 0

Group B:

  • Spain 3, South Africa 1
  • Germany 1, China 0

Group C:

  • Italy 2, Australia 1
  • Brazil 3, Jamaica 0

Group D:

  • England 2, Scotland 1
  • Argentina 0, Japan 0

Group E:

  • Canada 1, Cameroon 0
  • Netherlands 1, New Zealand 0

Group F:

  • Sweden 2, Chile 0
  • USA 13, Thailand 0

Who excelled in the first round

France: France are the hosts, and being the host and a tournament favorite brings with it a fair amount of pressure. France took that in stride in the first game, winning 4-0 over South Korea and not really looking troubled doing it. The French will face stiffer tests as the tournament goes on, but they performed well and beat the team in front of them in their first game.

USA: Speaking of beating the team put in front of them...

Italy: Italy were a talented team, but no one was quite sure how they would perform, this being their first World Cup in 20 years, and being placed in a tough group with Brazil, Australia, and Jamaica. Italy gave up a goal in the first half, but won with a Barbara Bonansea brace, the winning goal coming dramatically in stoppage time. Australia was considered one of the favorites going in to the tournament, but with a nice win over the Matildas, Italy are in a great position to advance out of the group.

Argentina: Argentina did not get a win, but what they did do was get their first ever point at a World Cup. They did it by drawing against Japan, a team that has been in the last 2 World Cup finals. Argentina, like many other nations unfortunately, has had an incompetent, and arguably corrupt Football Association, which has devalued and not put much effort into supporting the Women’s team. Just making it to the tournament is a great achievement for Argentina, and to get a point off a team like Japan, that is special indeed.

We will see you again at the end of the second round. Who knows how things will have changed at that point.

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