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LAFC supporters allege tickets to LA Galaxy game canceled en masse on “unjust” basis

Whatever happened, it sounds like a mess.

MLS: Los Angeles FC at Colorado Rapids Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Football Club have a big game against the LA Galaxy on Friday, you may have heard about it, and LAFC supporters have been talking about their anticipation of going to Dignity Health Sports Park for the game in the run up to the match.

And then, on Wednesday night this coordinated message went out on social media, all with nearly the same wording:

Canceling hundreds of tickets already sold on the eve of the game sounds bad. What happened?

For now, we appear to enter a “they said, we said” situation. The LA Galaxy have made statements to reporters on why they canceled the tickets.

The implication on the Galaxy’s end is that LAFC posed as youth soccer team customers or maybe a youth soccer club or clubs entirely? and then used that as a ruse to get tickets for the game.

If you look at social media, however, there are all kinds of discussions between LAFC, Galaxy and neutral supporters alike who claim the youth soccer team thing was a legitimate fundraiser for said clubs and that supporters of both clubs (to say nothing of the youth clubs that lost money) are being caught in the middle.

Right now, we have the Galaxy’s official word and the conflicting word of supporters. Angels on Parade has reached out to LAFC for comment, we’ll let you know if we hear back.

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