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Carlos Vela paints a masterpiece with this golazo

Full of grace and trolling in equal measure.

MLS: Los Angeles FC at Colorado Rapids Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Vela scored two goals in the first half of Los Angeles Football Club’s game against the San Jose Earthquakes. Every goal is important but the first goal was a penalty, ho hum.

The second goal, however...I mean, just watch this:

Credit to Diego Rossi in playing the give-and-go there to keep Vela’s momentum going, but from there it was all Vela. The backheel to start the play, the dribble past Florian Jungwirth, the dribble past Daniel Vega in goal, then the extra dribble on the goal line to make sure the emergency defender didn’t come flying in.

It was equal parts grace, skill and trolling by Vela, who don’t forget totally clowned on Vega in the teams’ first meeting this season, when he walked the ball into the net.

Is it the best goal Vela has ever scored in MLS? It just might be, depending on your love for his trademark curling blast. But in terms of individual effort, skill and that extra context, it was a special, special goal.

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