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To the LAFC community, savor this moment

We give and spend and agonize for moments like this one.

Houston Dynamo v Los Angeles FC Photo by Shaun Clark/Getty Images

Los Angeles Football Club won their first-ever title on Wednesday, the 2019 Supporters’ Shield.

From an LAFC perspective, of course the hope, perhaps even expectation, is to win them all from now on, take MLS Cup in November and just go to the moon, becoming an unstoppable force.

But in our heart of hearts, we know sports don’t work like that. No team wins everything, every game, every title. Even the best win a lot, but not everything, and MLS, we are told over and over, is a league of parity.

Don’t worry about all of that right now. Savor this moment.

If you’re new to MLS, new to LAFC, and outsiders try to sneer at you for being latecomers, so what? They’re just jealous of this success. Hopefully if this is all new to you, you will stick around for the long haul, but we all jumped in at some point. No judgment.

If you’ve lived to experience clubs dying and being born in front of your eyes, made to wait several seasons just to see this new venture with so many owners, oh so many owners, take the field, this is what it’s for. A gleaming stadium to call home, a successful team, a vibrant and growing community. Savor this moment.

I don’t want to bring the mood down but not all days are likely to be like this one. There will be adversity, frustration, perhaps even a real decline. Hopefully that last item never comes, the standards stay high, the preparation top-notch, the resources real, the fortune shining down.

But there will be tough times, moments that make you question what you’re doing, and to an extent, it’s for moments like this. The moments that make you cry out of happiness, hug strangers, wake up your kids to tell them the news you can’t bear to leave until morning. The ultimate highs of supporting a team.

We don’t kick a ball. We don’t run a training session. But we chant and cheer and sweat, our heart rate rises and falls over the course of 90 minutes, we try not to let the results impact our mood but it does. Now, a title is here, and we can celebrate, rejoice and savor. May this feeling last and last, and carry us through any difficulties that lie ahead.

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