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Let the El Trafico trash talk continue

A new era in the rivalry is coming along with Chicharito. Plus, Wednesday news!

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Korea Republic v Mexico: Group F - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia
They may not be as cheerful when El Trafico rolls around.
Photo by Maja Hitij - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

Like it or not, the big news in MLS on Tuesday was Chicharito signing with the LA Galaxy. From a Los Angeles Football Club perspective, there were mixed emotions in the fanbase: Some sad a player who is widely beloved going to the other side, others excited that this move should help keep El Trafico hot.

LAFC’s response was subtle, poking fun at the Galaxy’s embrace of the barrio by noting LAFC is, yes, still in Los Angeles proper.

How did it go over? It largely depends on who you root for. LAFC fans loved it, but neutrals thought it was a dud. Sometimes riling up the base is worthwhile, and as long as the trash talk doesn’t get violent, everyone involved in this rivalry is gearing up for the next phase. Bring it on.

More news for this Wednesday:

  • Vela brings the talk: Carlos Vela told reporters last week he was excited about Chicharito joining the Galaxy, and after his counterpart dropped a few rivalry bombs on Tuesday, Vela came right on back, saying he was going to (metaphorically) kill his rival and joking that obviously he would score more goals than Chicharito in MLS this year. Hey, when you’re the MVP you can say those things.
  • Children say the darnedest things: This kid basically won LAFC twitter over the weekend, and it’s not hard to see why. His passionate defense of what makes LAFC so great was truly touching, and even as a parent with a child around his age, it’s adorable to hear him get so excited in front of the camera. Good job kiddo!
  • Blackmon set to take starter’s mantle: A good profile here of Tristan Blackmon by the Daily News’ Ryan Wallerson. Blackmon argues in the story that an injury last year set him on a course that would make or break his career. He focused, found his footing, and looks set to be the starting right back in 2020.
  • Orange County SC’s Oliver Wyss has a lot to say: The OCSC executive fielded tons of questions from the Uncle Sam’s Soccer Podcast this week, ranging from the talent pool in Southern California, the recently-announced partnership with Rangers, Bryang Kayo’s next step, and how the team is starting to write transfers to have sell-on fees to help fund the club in the coming years. Plenty of interesting stuff for Orange County folks.
  • What’s next for retired players? Some players have a post-playing career lined up, others go back to school or try some things out before finding their spot. Here’s an interesting feature in The Athletic on former Seattle Sounders captain Brad Evans, who admits after a year spent on the road (literally) he’s still trying to figure out the next step in his life after playing pro soccer.

Today’s question: Do you think there will be a new phase of El Trafico with Chicharito’s arrival? LAFC haven’t had the luck in the regular season, but do have the most recent win. Let us know what you think about the dimensions of the rivalry in the comments section below! Let’s chat.