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We’re back: On the future of Angels on Parade

New and exciting things are on tap for the site.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Orlando City SC Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a new decade and a new Angels on Parade. Sort of.

When the site launched as The Goat Parade way back in the spring of 2011, things were very different. There were only 18 teams in MLS then (can you believe it?!), the U.S. Men’s National Team still always made the World Cup, and the U.S. Women’s National Team only had two stars over their crest.

Of course, this site also launched to cover Chivas USA, which then folded in 2014. We covered the demise of that club, as well as the launch of LAFC, which included what felt like an interminable wait for the team to get started in 2018, but when it came, it was awesome, with a brand-new stadium, an instantly competitive team and last year, the first title. We rebranded this site to Angels on Parade, and have welcomed readers old and new along the way – thanks to each and every one of you who has stopped by over time.

I’ve been a part of this site since June 2011 and I’m happy to announce that my involvement with Angels on Parade will continue, as I have been hired as a Community Editor for SB Nation’s California Fan Communities. This means I’ll be involved with Angels on Parade and some of the other sites around the network.

As part of the change, the company is reorganizing the California team sites, with teams of staff regularly contributing. The result is content will be coming, but as we staff up, we’ll be ramping things up at a deliberate pace. Think of it as the new team being in preseason mode for a bit, just like our favorite team. And we are always interested in your contributions, too, including our fanpost section, where you can find an immediate audience for your musings.

To the many contributors at Angels on Parade/The Goat Parade since I jumped aboard in 2011, thank you so much. I haven’t done this alone! In the era of The Goat Parade, it was John Santos, Rachna Kapur, Eric Bobadilla, ELAC and Ivan, Jake Schwartz, Matt Hoffman, Stephen Brandt, Omar Avalos, Luis Bueno, Maxi Rodriguez, JFrancisco, Fred Karl, Joshua Friend, Michele Tossani, Joseph Morgan, and Cesar Hernandez. More recently, it’s been Isaak Gonzalez, Joshua Cacho, Ray Samora, and Jorge Ramos. And a very special thanks to Ryan Goodwin, Patrick Stoll and Grant Dowling. Our core group in 2019 had plenty of great conversations in slack and built a community together, and got to experience the fun of a Supporters’ Shield, a player having the best season in MLS history, and the league’s best coach kill it in our last ride together.

Looking ahead, I’m thrilled for this new opportunity and to try some new things. Believe it or not, I pretty much have a perpetual list of story ideas and projects in mind, and eight and half years of writing a story or three on this site daily hasn’t left me tapped out.

On that front, if there’s content you particularly liked, didn’t like at all, or want to see added to the site, please reach out. The easiest way? Leave a comment below, and tell us what you want Angels on Parade to do moving forward. We want to hear from you about the kinds of posts, stories and other content that you want to see. You can expect the same values we’ve held on this site since 2011: A professional attitude, a passion for the topic at hand, and a desire to have fun while bringing you news, rumors, recaps, analysis, polls and anything else that strikes our (and your) fancy.

And with that, let’s get started on the next phase of Angels on Parade’s history.