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LAFC star Diego Rossi gets call to Uruguay roster as replacement

He is going! But he will be gone for some time.

MLS: Portland Timbers at Los Angeles FC Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

So in the end, Diego Rossi did end up getting called up to Uruguay’s National Team by head coach Oscar Washington Tabarez, as a replacement for injured attacker Cristhian Stuani.

Rossi will join LAFC teammate Brian Rodriguez on Uruguay’s National Team, and black-and-gold duo Diego Palacios and Jose Cifuentes, who are both on international duty with Ecuador.

LAFC head coach Bob Bradley reiterated the support for players called up to international duty, even if Rossi, the team’s leading scorer and possibly best player overall, will be missing several games.

“As a club we’ve always tried to work closely with our players, to help them get better, to challenge them, to help push them forward in their careers,” Bradley told reporters during Tuesday’s media availability. “And part of that involves earning their way into their national teams. If that’s your philosophy from the start, if that’s the way we’ve always done things, then you can’t change that. Players appreciate the way we work, I think it’s one of the reasons guys feel good about coming here and playing here. So no, we didn’t ask for any special consideration. Initially Diego was not in the 23 but when there was an injury that changed and to a man everybody in the club, his teammates, staff, everybody’s really excited for Diego. Now it’s our responsibility to play in this next stretch in as strong a way as possible knowing that, as I said earlier, some guys get their opportunities.”

When asked how long the South Americans on international duty would be out, with LAFC’s game Wednesday against the Colorado Rapids postponed due to an ongoing coronavirus outbreak on the Rapids, Bradley said the players could be back for the Oct. 25 game against the LA Galaxy, meaning they would miss three games total if they’re back for the rivalry clash.

MLS teams have been playing a jam-packed schedule the past six weeks as it is, and Bradley spoke his mind about his dissatisfaction with MLS playing games through the international break.

“My first thought is I don’t know why the league is playing during this international break,” he said. “Around the world, clubs have to find a way to support national team situations with what goes on in club. We can all sit around and argue whether in this particular international break games needed to be played but in some parts of the world, they’re playing qualifiers. It doesn’t work well in a league now where we’re scheduling games while all sorts of players are away.”

Certainly agree with that sentiment, and think the rest of the team could use a rest, but it’s not going to happen, apparently. At any rate, congrats to Diego (and Diego and Jose and Brian) for the call-up. Do us proud with your country and come back healthy, please.

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