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Concacaf Champions League winner gets Club World Cup ticket, big payday

The trophy itself is great, but there are more rewards at stake.

Liverpool FC vs CR Flamengo - FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019 Photo by Mohammed Dabbous/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Tuesday’s 2020 Concacaf Champions League final between LAFC and Tigres is a big game for a number of obvious reasons: Either team would win the confederation title for the first time, and it’s a major trophy, of course.

But beyond the immediate rewards, the winner of the Champions League would unlock entry into a new competition and a good chunk of change, too.

The winner of the 2020 Concacaf Champions League will book their ticket to the 2020 FIFA Club World Cup, which is scheduled to take place Feb. 1-11 in Qatar. For an MLS team, that means the competition will almost certainly come in preseason. The seven-team competition would see the Concacaf representative entering in the 2nd round, which appears to be scheduled for Feb. 4, in essentially the quarterfinal.

This competition will feature a single-elimination format, something that has served LAFC and Tigres well in the past week in CCL.

In addition, there is prize money on the line. The winner of Tuesday’s CCL final will receive $500,000, while the runner-up will get $300,000. For comparison, the winner of the MLS is Back Tournament this summer received somewhere around $300,000.

In addition, the Concacaf representative will receive a minimum of $2.5 million for participating in the Club World Cup. If they advance and finish 4th, they’ll get $3 million, if they finish 3rd, they’ll get $4 million. Losing finalists are due to get $5 million, and the champions would get $6 million.

Of course, being in the Club World Cup isn’t only about money, since there’s a trophy on the line there, too. And first things first, the CCL final itself is a huge deal.

But for the team that lifts the trophy Tuesday, there will be more games and more money ahead, and both teams will be pretty excited about those prospects, too.

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