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Report: LAFC trade for Portland Timbers fullback Marco Farfan

Los Angeles Galaxy v Portland Timbers Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Los Angeles Football Club made their initial offseason roster decisions earlier this week, and on Thursday, the first hot stove rumor, with ESPN’s Jeff Carlisle reporting LAFC will be trading for Portland Timbers defender Marco Farfan.

The 22-year-old was a Homegrown product of the Timbers, originally signing in 2017 and playing 34 MLS regular season games, in addition to one playoff appearance off the bench this year. The Timbers are renowned for not only signing many Homegrowns but also barely playing young domestic players, especially their Homegrowns, with Farfan probably being the most successful of a small batch, sort of indicating how badly the club has done on that front, since he’s never been a regular starter for the club.

For LAFC, Farfan would fill a clear need at right back, almost certainly be on a very affordable price, and at his age have considerable upside still in his career. While it’s possible the Timbers just haven’t rated Farfan and don’t think his ceiling is high, I think this is a very good risk/reward proposition for LAFC. Even if his ceiling is to be a backup right back, well, they could use that too!

Carlisle says LAFC will send Portland $300,000 in allocation money in the deal, which isn’t nothing but is a pretty affordable price, I think. If Farfan can become a starter, that’s going to be an excellent price point, but we’ll only know in hindsight. For now, this deal would seem to address one offseason need for the black-and-gold, and it’ll likely be announced in 10 days or so when the MLS trade window opens back up.

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