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LAFC to sit out training until at least Saturday

One weekend down in the coronavirus shutdown...

MLS: Los Angeles FC Performance Center Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Soccer announced a moratorium on teams training over the weekend, and subsequently extended that to this week, with teams unable to train until at least Saturday for the time being, to help ward off the spread of coronavirus.

Given the season is suspended for 30 days, don’t be shocked if the training ban is extended, too, but for now, teams can’t meet up to train together.

More news for this Monday:

  • Penn makes rallying cry: LAFC president Tom Penn made a video announcement on Thursday just as the reality was truly setting in about our new order. It was simple, but I know this announcement got a ton of respect from non-LAFC folks, too, for its message of support in a tough time.
  • Liga MX goes on ice: The Mexican league was one of just a handful in the world that played on in spite of coronavirus this weekend, but then they decided to get with the program and shut down moving forward. The final game of the weekend was between América and LAFC’s (eventual) Concacaf Champions League opponent, Cruz Azul, with Cruz Azul coming out 1-0 winners Sunday night. Here’s the highlights if you need a fix.
  • U.S. Open Cup suspended: If you were wondering about the fate of the U.S. Open Cup, that too has gone dark. The cup competition was scheduled to kick off next month, but it has been postponed for the time being. Little surprise, with everything else interrupted, it seemed a matter of time, but we’ll have to see when soccer picks back up and how it impacts the Open Cup, which remains the easiest trophy for American MLS teams to win.

Today’s question: How was your weekend? I was a little sick, but apparently not coronavirus (I hope). How did you pass the time, or did you have to go out and work? Let’s chat in the comments.