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LAFC win epic eMLS El Trafico clash

Club raises over $5,000 in four-game set.

Courtesy of LAFC.

El Trafico clashes tend to live up to the hype, and that was the case in the gamer world, too, as Sunday’s eMLS battle between Los Angeles Football Club and the LA Galaxy led to an epic four-game set to determine a winner, with LAFC’s Martin “RemiMartinn” Oregel coming away with the win, as the club raised over $5,000 in donations from supporters to help battle coronavirus.

Oregel took the early lead, winning the first game of the original home-and-away set 3-0, before the Galaxy’s player, Giuseppe “The Godfather” Guastella, won the second match 1-0. With the series going to a third game to decide the winner, the teams drew 1-1, taking it to a fourth game, where Oregel won once again 3-0 to take the series 2-1-1.

LAFC’s targeted donation amount for Sunday’s event was $3,252, but in the end they raised over $5,000 for the LAFC Foundation, with all proceeds said to be going to the fight against coronavirus.

Congrats to Oregel and LAFC, but more importantly, thanks to everyone — including Galaxy fans, doing a fundraiser of their own — who donated to the cause. I have a feeling we’ll see more of this to come.

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