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LAFC head coach Bob Bradley talks about keeping his feet on the ground

In discussing managers he admires, he also looks inward.

MLS: Los Angeles FC at Seattle Sounders FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Football Club coach Bob Bradley spoke to’s Grant Wahl this week, and one section revealed a side of the manager rarely seen in public.

Bradley became quite candid in talking about how he is perceived publicly and how he both keeps himself in check and ignores the chatter.

In talking about which managers he admires, Bradley speaks extensively about Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp, two men it’s not surprising to hear him name check. And from there, Bradley looks inward.

And in my worst moments, yeah, I know what I look like. I know the moments when I cross the line and people think I’m an a**hole. But I’m quick to realize that. I’m quick to tell people, ‘Look, sorry. You know, that wasn’t the right way to handle it.’

But I think that’s real. I learned a long time ago that as a coach you can’t be afraid of being yourself. You can’t be afraid of making mistakes. You can’t be afraid of crossing the line.

During the 2019 playoffs, Bradley garnered headlines on a couple occasions. He told ESPN’s Sebastian Salazar to “Get lost!” on live TV after a win, and subsequently gave Seattle Sounders head coach Brian Schmetzer an earful after the final whistle of LAFC’s playoff loss, leading to Schmetzer quipping he was “feeling better than Bob,” in his postgame interview on the field.

But even if Bradley admits he’s living in the moment, he notes he realizes there’s more going on, now and always, in the world besides soccer.

When we’re looking at what’s going on in the world right now, all of us have real feelings. And mom’s dad was a plumber and my dad’s dad was a carpenter, and my dad worked on both sides of all of that before he got into something that was more heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

But this idea of real people and people that don’t have things that you have, and what their lives are all about. Even in this world of quarantine, it’s a lot easier to do it if you live in certain places and if you’ve been lucky enough in your life than it is in other situations.

You can read far more in Bradley’s interview over at

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