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Need a TV show to watch? Options for many moods

Chances are you can find something new on here.

Netflix Series ‘Dark’ Premiere In Berlin Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for Netflix

Hi, folks. Hope you are managing by my count week four of the coronavirus shutdown well enough.

Here’s a quick and random viewing guide based on your mood. Maybe you need something new, and there will be something here you haven’t seen yet. Note: All streaming platforms noted are as of the date of publication and in the United States.

  • If you want to watch a soccer show: Season 2 of “Sunderland ‘Til I Die” just came out on Netflix. It’s another terrific season of that show.
  • If you want to know what everyone’s talking about: “Tiger King” on Netflix. Buckle up if you haven’t seen it yet.
  • If you want to watch a traditional sitcom: Check out the remake of “One Day at a Time,” centered on a Cuban-American family in Los Angeles. The first three seasons can be streamed on Netflix, and the fourth season is currently airing on cable on Pop (you can watch episodes on demand on your cable if you have that).
  • If you want to watch a single-camera sitcom: “Superstore” is a good one about a big box store and its employees that airs on NBC, with episodes available to stream on Hulu.
  • If you want something with a ton of episodes: English murder-pathologist institution “Silent Witness” is on Amazon Prime, with episodes dating back to the mid-1990s.
  • If you want a new reality show: Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum get the band back together for “Making the Cut,” a variation on their extremely successful “Project Runway.” “Making the Cut” is available on Amazon Prime.
  • If you want a cooking/baking reality show: Can’t go wrong with “Nailed It!” on Netflix.
  • If you want a middlebrow American drama: “This is Us” sounds like total schmaltz but is actually a pretty good multigenerational family story, and can be streamed on Hulu.
  • If you want a middlebrow period drama: Check out “Victoria” on Amazon Prime, about the young, yes you guessed it, Queen Victoria.
  • If you want a different kind of middlebrow period drama: “Call the Midwife” is the rare British period drama based after WWII. You can stream it on Netflix.
  • If you want a Queer period drama: “Gentleman Jack” on HBO tells the story of Anne Lister, a Lesbian who went through the world as if she were a man, in an era when women could not be the peers of men.
  • If you want a period drama to fall asleep to: There’s a Russian show on Amazon Prime called “Ekaterina” about Catherine the Great, which is very cheesy but also helps me fall asleep.
  • If you want a modern-day multicultural show (dark comedy): “Killing Eve” is terrific, with Season 3 about to start. You can stream the first two seasons on Hulu and watch the new season starting Monday on BBC America.
  • If you want a modern-day multicultural show (drama): “Giri/Haji” is a very good Japanese-British drama about gangsters, family and love. Stream it on Netflix.
  • If you want a foreign comedy: “Los Espookys” on HBO is hilarious.
  • If you want a foreign drama that’s a coming of age story: “My Brilliant Friend,” an adaptation of the Elena Ferrante Neapolitan novels, is in the middle of Season 2 on HBO. You can also watch Season 1 on HBO.
  • If you want a foreign drama that’s a coming of age story and also supernatural: Then you must check out “Dark,” on Netflix, a German show about a small town and time reversing and repeating itself. Seriously my favorite show of the past 10 years.

What are your viewing recommendations? Leave them in the comments below.