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LAFC joins with LA sports teams to produce #LATogether PSA

Teams team up to offer vital message during coronavirus pandemic.

Inter Miami CF v Los Angeles Football Club Photo by Michael Janosz/ISI Photos/Getty Images

All of the LA major-league/first-division sports teams teamed up and released a PSA this week, called #LATogether, to advise fans to continue to stay at home and follow local officials’ orders during the coronavirus pandemic.

Los Angeles Football Club produced the spot, which included midfielder Eduard Atuesta as one of two players to deliver messages in the spot in Spanish, the other being LA Galaxy midfielder Jonathan dos Santos.

In addition to the MLS teams, the local MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, WNBA, XFL teams, as well as USC and UCLA, were featured on the video.

These figures represented their teams:

LAFC also released Atuesta’s full speech:

While it seems like Californians generally have followed orders (although how would I know, I’ve been home basically non-stop for more than three weeks?) it’s always good to have some reinforcement and be told things like “It is vital that we all heed the advice of our public officials,” since apparently not everyone wants to do that and all.

Plus, this is probably the first-ever time all the teams got together on anything. Usually the corporate ties that bind link some teams and separate others, but all the teams get a spot in this one. In an unprecedented time, it’s worth crossing divides and working together, so we can get healthy and hopefully see our favorite team, whoever that is, again before long.

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