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Quiz: Can you name all of LAFC’s owners?

This one’s going to be tricky.

Major League Soccer Awards New Los Angeles Club, Announces Owners Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for LAFC

Hey folks, was thinking of some new #content to put on this website and remembered I haven’t done any quizzes yet. Let’s do it!

First one is not easy. Los Angeles Football Club have played two seasons and some change, but that means the record book is fairly easy to recall in general. So let’s make it much tougher: Can you name all of LAFC’s current owners?

At present, the club’s website lists 30 people. That is the size of a full squad of a soccer team! And one of the higher-ish profile owners no longer owns the team, so for the Welsh soccer fans out there, that name is off the table.

But give it a try, no cheating!

How did you do? This one is really tough so I imagine you yelled “Uncle” at some point, and that’s ok. Let’s share our scores in the comments below and talk about it. Have any suggestions for future quizzes? Let me know on that as well!