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Quiz: Can you name LAFC’s first starting XI?

Too easy, or did you get tripped up?

MLS: Banc of California Stadium Ribbon Cutting Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Got another Los Angeles Football Club quiz for you!

This one’s probably fairly easy, since the club has played fewer than 100 competitive games total in their history. But we’re asking you to look back to the beginning, to the very first game: Can you name the first starting lineup for LAFC?

To clarify, this isn’t a trick question, you’re not being asked to know the first academy team to play as LAFC or the first team in preseason or whatever. Much more straightforward, asking you to name all XI players who started for the black-and-gold against the Seattle Sounders at CenturyLink Field to open up the 2018 regular season.

So give this a whirl, and see how you do. No cheating!

How did it go? Did you ace it? Did you need more time? Who did you forget? Let’s chat about the lineup, the quiz and the game in general in the comments below.