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LAFC players as the Avengers

Both have assembled a superteam.

Philadelphia Union v Los Angeles Football Club Photo by Shaun Clark/Getty Images

Do you like superheroes? Do you like Los Angeles Football Club? Do you like thinking about how LAFC would embody The Avengers? Boom, look no further, I gave it a shot.

I really aimed to match the player and superhero well, but this was a first pass, would love to hear your versions, too.

Carlos Vela as Iron Man

Like Vela, Iron Man was a young prodigy and both have sought to blaze their own trails over the wishes of others. It was far from inevitable Vela/Iron Man would end up on top, but their own hard work and ingenuity made it happen.

Adama Diomande as Thor

Both hail from the place now known as Norway, and both are powerful heroes capable of knocking everything away with a single blow. When that hammer drops, the bad guys don’t know what hit them.

Diego Rossi as Hawkeye

Hawkeye is above all an archer, and with deadly aim, Rossi fits this role perfectly. Both Rossi and Hawkeye aren’t typically the center of attention, but all of a sudden, they strike quickly and do their damage before the other side can even react.

Tristan Blackmon as the Winter Soldier

I didn’t feel right casting an LAFC player as Captain America, especially considering there are currently no active U.S. internationals on the team. But the Winter Soldier and Blackmon are a good fit, as the up-and-comer who has to pay his dues but has tons of potential and could take the mantle eventually as Captain America.

Latif Blessing as Ant-Man

This one is probably pretty obvious: A diminutive character who is thrust into a new role and flourishes. Blessing/Ant-Man may have been written off by many in their current spot, but their skillset is special and they can do things almost no one else can.

Mark-Anthony Kaye as the Hulk

Kaye doesn’t turn green, but the midfielder can flip a switch to go from regular guy to his crew’s enforcer in a second.

Eddie Segura as Spider-Man

Segura and Spider-Man do most of their work in the shadows, but the ability to ensnare opponents and quickly move onto the next task makes this pairing obvious.

Mohamed El-Munir as Quicksilver

Once part of the evil Orlando City side, El-Munir came to the good side and his incredible speed stops opponents before they knew to even look for him.

Eduard Atuesta as Falcon

Fitting that a linchpin player for LAFC would be Falcon. Atuesta/Falcon are well-rounded, with elite skills that are largely subtle and unnoticed, but capable of producing spectacular results for the team every now and then.

Pablo Sisniega as Doctor Strange

Capable of doing unexplained and wonderful things with his hands? Check. Sisniega doesn’t carry the same swagger/arrogance out in public as his superhero, but we all know the pros have it in them and maybe his alter ego brings it out of him.

Bradley Wright-Phillips as Black Panther


Hey, the guy’s long been claiming this one himself.

What do you think? Who did I miss, what did I get wrong? Let’s chat in the comments below!