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Orange County SC to compete in USL eCup FIFA20

Club owner to be in squad for gamer tourney.

Courtesy of USL.

USL announced they will be embarking on a new gaming tournament, the USL eCup FIFA20, and Orange County SC will be participating in the 32-team competition.

Orange County SC club owner James Keston will play on behalf of OCSC, along with forward Kevin Coleman, OCSC eSports captain Mike Culp, and two more members of the OCSC eSports team.

Every USL club was drawn to an international squad to play as in the FIFA20 tournament, with Orange County getting Cameroon, a squad that’s likely to run under the radar but with the potential to make waves.

Orange County will kick off play with a tricky match, Tuesday at 3:30 pm PT against rival Phoenix Rising FC, who are playing as the Netherlands. Hey, it’s two mercurial programs so anything can happen.

All 32 teams will play in a bracket in the first week of the tournament to determine placement in one of three divisions. All eight teams that make the quarterfinals will go to Division A, the middle group to Division B and the rest to Division C.

For the subsequent five weeks of the tournament, teams will play in their divisions, and at the end of each week, teams will be possibly promoted or relegated, depending on their performance.

Over the tournament, teams will rack up points based on performance, and the cumulative points total will determine the winner of the entire competition. It’s a bit complicated, but hopefully the various elements come together when they get underway.

Again, the opening match for Orange County will be Tuesday at 3:30 pm PT, with all matches in the tournament streamed on Twitch, with OCSC’s on their Twitch channel.

It should be interesting. Best of luck to Orange County SC and we’ll see how they fare in this competition in the gaming world.

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