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MLS announce adjusted transfer windows for 2020

Mark your calendars for changes in an unprecedented year.

MLS: LAFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

MLS announced the updated transfer windows for the rest of 2020 on Wednesday, giving teams and those of us watching more structure to look for as the season prepares to get back underway.

There will be a short transfer window coming up next week, on Monday and Tuesday, to wrap up previously announced signings — such as Los Angeles Football Club’s signing of Andy Najar. Trades will not be allowed, and players will need to have legal residency or citizenship to be added to rosters, as international players who have not begun to seek clearance will likely need to wait quite a while to get theirs and would therefore likely miss the MLS is Back Tournament, scheduled to take place July 8-Aug. 11 in Orlando.

In addition, TAM signings and new Designated Player signings won’t be allowed in the upcoming window.

The big transfer window will then take place between Aug. 12-Oct. 29. This window is in line with other countries to facilitate transfers. That being said, I don’t expect teams to go out wheeling and dealing around MLS, least of all LAFC, who were fairly active in the offseason and aside from needing central defensive depth, perhaps, don’t have any obvious holes at the moment.

I think the entire transfer market will be depressed this year and into next year, but there will still be situations of players going to new teams and it is possible LAFC could buy or sell a player in the second transfer window this year. Still, global economics being what they are and the uncertainty surrounding coronavirus persisting, the transfer market may be fairly sluggish. Or not. We’ll see.

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