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Enjoy this run with Diego Rossi at LAFC while you can

He is really blossoming into a superstar.

Seattle Sounders FC v Los Angeles FC: Knockout Round - MLS Is Back Tournament Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Diego Rossi likes scoring against the Seattle Sounders. We know that.

After a brace against them Monday to power Los Angeles Football Club through to a 4-1 win in the MLS is Back Tournament Round of 16, Rossi leads the competition in goals, with seven in just four matches, and he’s been stellar.

This is Rossi’s moment, with Carlos Vela staying home during the MLS is Back Tournament, Rossi got an opportunity to be the primary attacking option for LAFC. You know Bob Bradley absolutely had that talk with the Uruguayan, probably a few times, in the run-up to the trip to Orlando. I can even picture it:

Bob on the sideline: Whistle Diego, come over here

[Bob puts an arm around Diego]

Bob: Listen, we’re going to need you to step up with Carlos out. He’s a big player, and we’re going to miss him.

Diego: Nods

Bob: But you’ve got an opportunity here. You can be our first option in attack, I know you can do it.

Diego: Thanks, Bob. I will keep working to make that happen.

Bob: One more thing — Everyone’s going to be watching this tournament. Everyone. We want to help you make that next step in your career, so be the big star and that move may be here before you know it.


Rossi has seven goals and two assists in four games in this tournament. LAFC have scored 15 goals total thus far — involvement in 60 percent of your team’s goals is pretty, pretty good. Yes, it’s a small sample size but the numbers plus the outcomes in the games mean Rossi has very much been the real deal.

All of this is to say, the teams in Europe are watching, and the kind of thing that makes a few more teams perk up, maybe decide to pull the trigger and make a transfer bid for something like leading the league in scoring during a showcase tournament. Particularly if LAFC make a deep run, win the whole thing, and Rossi continues to be on fire, he will draw more headlines, more attention, and before long, he’ll get that move to Europe.

He’s 22 now, certainly not an old man but probably reaching the time when he’d like to get to Europe in the next year or so. And moves abroad are not created equal — LAFC was a new expansion team in a league where Uruguayan prospects of Rossi’s level didn’t go, but it’s worked out so far for him. The next phase for him and LAFC is to see the plan through, and get him a good move and a good payday for the club.

It may not happen instantly, but whether he gets a move in a couple months or in a year, Diego Rossi has been a spectacular player for LAFC, and he’s getting better all the time. Enjoy him, cherish this time he’s in the black-and-gold while you can, because it won’t last forever.

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