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Celebrate “La Garra Charrua” with this Diego Rossi T-shirt from BreakingT

Rep the LAFC star around town.

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Courtesy of BreakingT

Diego Rossi is blossoming into a superstar for Los Angeles Football Club, and we know he was forged in the fire of the Uruguayan soccer tradition, where “La Garra Charrua” is life in football.

La Garra Charrua is the ability to work until the end, to never give up, to show the fight and grind to get the job done. Rossi is absolutely a player who displays those traits, and now, our friends at BreakingT have released a T-shirt that celebrates that.

The shirt is officially licensed through the MLS Players Association, so the good news is the players get a cut of the money from purchases. And whatever Rossi is getting paid, he deserves more, especially after tearing up the MLS is Back Tournament so far.

So buy the Diego Rossi “La Garra Charrua” T-shirt today, rep his name and the black-and-gold colors around town, and maybe that never say die attitude will help you go about your day.