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LAFC, The 3252 urge fans to not congregate at Banc of California Stadium Saturday

Seriously, don’t go.

MLS: LAFC Culinary Tour Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You’re probably aware by now that Los Angeles Football Club will host the LA Galaxy on Saturday at Banc of California Stadium, and the game will be held behind closed doors.

While we’ve seen fans of Orange County SC take advantage of the open venue to stand technically outside and watch the game from behind the fences with that stadium closed this summer, LAFC fans are thoroughly discouraged from doing the same Saturday.

The 3252 and individual LAFC supporters groups announced Friday that no one will be permitted to loiter around The Banc grounds, in case you were planning to watch from the open gate.

In addition, barricades will apparently be put up to further prevent people from congregating outside the stadium.

So consider yourself fully warned, and don’t go to The Banc, even if you want to step on your tiptoes to see the South End or want to be on the grounds for some vibes or something. Stay home if you are able to, do virtual tailgates, but don’t show up. The faster we can act to combat coronavirus, the faster we can get back together in person at The Banc.

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