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Seattle Sounders vs. LAFC: 3 Questions

How’s it looking for LAFC’s next opponent?

MLS: MLS Cup-Toronto FC vs Seattle FC
The Sounders made a return signing Thursday.
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Los Angeles Football Club will square off against the Seattle Sounders at CenturyLink Field Friday night in MLS action. We saw the Sounders a few weeks ago, but time moves fast now in MLS, so we checked in again with our friend Mark Kastner of SB Nation’s Sounders site Sounder at Heart to see the situation from a Seattle perspective. Many thanks to Mark for taking the time to answer my questions!

Angels on Parade asks Sounder at Heart:

1. So I thought LAFC’s recent 5-1 rout of the Earthquakes was impressive, but Seattle’s last game was a 7-1 win. 7-1! How did that happen, and is the feeling that it’s smooth sailing from here on out for the Sounders, or worry that a trap game could even things out?

Seattle’s 7-1 victory over San Jose was a thing of cliches, really. You know when you’re watching a game and one team scores early, the announcers say “this one could get ugly!” And yeah. It got ugly. The Sounders were incredible but San Jose was equally bad.

I don’t get the sense that the Sounders will really bank on that game for anything. It was kind of interesting, following that match the players and Brian Schmetzer were about 30 minutes late to the press conference. Schmetzer said he wanted to keep the players in the locker room for an extra long team talk, focusing on keeping a level head and figuring out what went well. You usually hear that after a bad loss, but I think it shows the team and coaching staff are focused on not letting things get out of hand.

2. I’ve heard there’s a transfer window open. Have the Sounders done any business on that front for their first team?

Just yesterday the Sounders brought back left back Brad Smith on a free. He was a crucial piece to the Sounders 2019 MLS Cup run and it is very exciting to see him come back. He was a Bournemouth player who was on loan in Seattle for 18 months. His contract ran out so he was available to sign on a free transfer.

I’d be really surprised if the Sounders do anything else this window. But DeAndre Yedlin is on the market, allegedly. That’s be a fun signing. No idea how the finances would work.

3. I have been talking up Diego Rossi for MVP, but *whispers* should Jordan Morris be MLS MVP this year based on form to date?

I’m probably one of the biggest “Morris Stans” out there. I think he’s insanely good, but I highly doubt he’ll win the MVP this season. Even if his form keeps up at this pace, it just doesn’t seem like something the league would do. Maybe next year though.

You can read my answers to Mark’s questions at Sounder at Heart.

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