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Where will LAFC pick in the 2021 MLS Draft?

The opening event of the MLS calendar is coming this week.

SOCCER: JAN 19 MLS SuperDraft Photo by Andy Mead/YCJ/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 2021 MLS SuperDraft is scheduled to take place on Thursday, the annual kickoff event for the MLS yearly calendar.

While the draft has receded in importance over the years in MLS, it’s still a way for teams to pick players and sometimes sign them. Sometimes, those signings end up making big contributions!

While there could still be trades before the draft and even draft-day trades, here’s where LAFC are currently scheduled to select players in the 2021 Draft:

  • 1st Round: No. 14
  • 2nd Round: No. 14 (No. 41 overall)
  • 3rd Round: No. 14 (No. 68 overall)

So that’s easy to remember: The 14th pick of each round.

The big change to the draft this year is it’s been trimmed to three rounds, down from the previous four. Considering many teams used to literally waive their 4th-round picks, that’s not a surprise.

LAFC didn’t sign any of their draft picks in 2020, but they did sign 2019 picks Peter-Lee Vassell and Javi Perez, and 2018 picks Joao Moutinho and Tristan Blackmon. So we could see a player or three get picked up by the team, TBD.

The 2021 MLS Draft will take place on Thursday at 11 am PT. The first round will be streamed on and the MLS app. We’ll see what happens!

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